Company One


The mission of Company One Theatre is to change the face of Boston theatre by uniting the city’s diverse communities through innovative, socially provocative performance and developing civically engaged artists.

Company One is Boston’s theatre for the people. We are the intersection of art and social change. We will be a national leader for audience engagement, artist development, and the creation of new work that pushes boundaries by presenting issues and events critical to the progress of society. We maintain a sense of integrity, authenticity, and social responsibility to all people.


Core Values

  • Never be satisfied
  • Diverse, socially conscious thinking
  • Innovation and creative problem solving
  • Artistic Excellence
  • Development of the individual as part of the greater community

We value diversity, community engagement, collective decision-making, transparent communication, and mentorship.

Reason for Being: To Inspire Human Connection and Affect Social Change



“To attend one of their performances is often to feel yourself immersed in exuberance, with waves of energy pouring from the stage, usually reciprocated by an avidly enthusiastic audience that is far younger and more diverse than the Boston theater norm.”
— The Boston Globe

“The subject matter and the casting is a continuation of the laudable mission of Company One in terms of opening the theater to diversity. Everybody talks the talk, but Company One walks the walk.”
— WBUR’s The Artery

“Company One has drawn that audience, in part, by choosing plays that carry messages of social change and that contain the potential to be theatrically dynamic — then delivering on those messages and that potential.”
— The Boston Globe