Living in the 2nd Circle

Yesterday in rehearsal, director Steve Bogart offered some guidance for how actors and characters alike might navigate the complexities of the play’s interpersonal relationships. He recommended that the actors check out the work of renowned voice teacher Patsy Rodenburg, who has codified the nature of “presence” into a system of 3 Circles of Energy. To be fully present is to live in 2nd Circle, whereas 1st Circle denotes the kind of energy that flows back into oneself, and 3rd Circle energy is that which is so big as to crowd out other voices. Check out this excellent video of Patsy speaking about 2nd Circle, and how to navigate this through life and art.

“Speech is political. Sound is political.”
— Patsy Rodenburg

Here’s a way to download and read the January 2010 American Theatre magazine article about Patsy’s work and ideas:

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